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Every month_Every day_Every hour_Every min_Every sec_There will be a heart broken man.. This is becoz they dun understand the one they love... SO the question is WAT WOMEN WANTS...??
Tuesday, October 12, 2004
Its a long time since the last time i log in blogger.... finally n-level is over...and its time for mi to do wat ever things i want to do before i get my result back... and btw i gt a match again this time is wif regent de ppl... dunno will win them anot sia... cuz mi and mi frens had didnt touch bball for a long time liao le... and hor the match is on this fri 4pm... btw mi now days very poor sia... really need to find a job le... if not i may become a begger le... heheX.... i think i will stop here le... cuz this is all the thing in my mind now... bye....

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Argh.... should i give up...? Or should i carry on...? Haiz.. can anione tell mi... Many ppl say love is something sweet but y can i onli felt something veri bitter... Y cant i juz be like other guys,juz like how the are together wif their love one....

The sad thing about life is when u meet someone and fall in love,onli to find out in the end was never meant to be....

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Friday, August 20, 2004
Haiz... Avoiding... W-H-Y!!!! Y must be like tat...? She haven reply mi of days... and i always look on the bright side thinkin tat she busy or she didnt on her hp... But izzit real...? I think u can cheat on myself for ani much long... Is the end would be like tat for mi.... Ireally dun wan to be like this.... Haiz.... Love really is somethings tat can decide wats the mood of one person... And it deicded to make mi feel sad... real sad this time....

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Monday, August 16, 2004
HaiZzZ.... Y wont she accept mi.... WHY...???? Am i really tat bad... Do u noe sometimes when i am alone or when im free i juz cant stop myself form think of u... I tried to forget u but i juz cant do it... the more i tried the more i juz think of u... today when u went home during lesson, i actually wanted to go sick bay find u and tok to u, cuz im really care about u but i think even if i go u will juz rush mi back to classroom... Do u noe how i feel now... even though u see mi laughing and jokin wif fren but tat does mean im not sad... when even im home i will juz keep think about u... i noe i may not have the chance and im may be veri foolish to u... but i really wan to find a chance to chat wif u but u are always crowded wif ppl... when will u ever be alone... so i can have a chance to tok to u....Haiz...

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004
Haiz.... wat a failure im... haiz... WhY EvEry timE i Update mY blog i Must Be saD one...? haiz... i guess tat the reason Y im A FaiLurE... I think For nOw the moSt importAnt iS to Study and Pass mi n-Level... Then after the N-levl then Tok loVe loVe things ba....then hor Am i ReallY tat LOUSY mehZ... haiz... no Mood to Type le.... Head PaiN....

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Sunday, August 08, 2004
haiz... yesterday i finally send a letter to tat ger by email liao... i actually wanted to pass to her by slip the letter into her house room tats along the corridor but she dunwan...and say pass her the letter in school but if like tat i still need to wait for a long time... 4 days lehz.... and i wan to pass her yesterday cuz i wanted her to think about the ans lor.... then wed can ans mi liao... so i no choice then i send her by email lor... then after sendin her the letter i sms her to ask her go to see it lor... but dunno if she will go see it anot... haiz.... i now can onli wish to have ans i wanted on wed le... haiz.. so i wont be sms her for this few days cuz i dunwan to disture her le.... so ppl plz pray for mi too.... hope it will be a happy endin...

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Friday, August 06, 2004
haiz... Im really in love sick haiz.... Cuz the ger when i at first sms her she will always reply or sms mi at times... But slowly both sms and reply of mi sms become lesser and lesser... nw become in one day didnt even got reply mi message for once.... haiz.... And i nw start feelin givein up again... At times i juz think tat god is makin fun of mi.. playin wif mi feelin... haiz... And i sometimes really juz wish that i could be wif the one i love... This will make mi really happy... But out there where some ger and boyfren juz dunno how to cherish this moment.... yet god juz keep on helpin them to be together and does care about others tat really wan to be in love...

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